Al-Houthi is targeting the international control points in Hodeidah

March 14, 2020

On Sunday evening, the Houthi coup militia resumed targeting the joint monitoring points of the United Nations-sponsored Redeployment Coordination Committee in the city of Hodeidah, in western Yemen.

The military media of the joint forces stated, in a statement, that the Houthi militia targeted a fourth 120-point artillery shell, stationed in the Al-Manzhar neighborhood adjacent to the Hodeidah airport, while the liaison officers narrowly escaped, and considered this a clear violation of the Sweden agreement.

In the context of its continuing breaches of the international armistice, Houthi militias opened fire with intense sniper weapons towards the liberated residential neighborhoods of Sanaa Street inside the city of Hodeidah during the past hours, according to the military media.

It is noteworthy that the Houthi militia targeted several joint observation points along the seam lines in the city of Hodeidah amid the silence of the United Nations and its committee chief, Indian General Abahjit Goha, according to the statement.

The UN Monitoring Committee published five-link points at the end of October last year in order to monitor the ceasefire in the city, which Houthi militias have not committed to since the UN truce took effect in December 2018.

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