Al Houthi Pockets are Hit Near Hodeida

October 11, 2018

The government forces of Yemen have shelled pockets of the Al Houthis close to Hodeidah amidst the increasing buildup of military which is aimed at expelling the Iran-aligned militia from Red Sea city as said by the military source. The Republican Guards  have shelled and also blown up the arms depot which belong to the Al Houthis on outer districts of Tahita, retaken from extremists in the month of July as said by the military media center.

The shelling had come after the close monitoring of the Al Houthis who were fleeing in the area which was located south east of Hodeidah. There were sounds of explosions and flames of fire arising from the site for over two hours.  This indicated that the depot contains large amount of weaponry as per the report. An unspecified number of militiamen had been killed as they tried to escape.

The Arab Saudi-led coalition’s helicopters that were fighting the Al Houthis in Yemen have taken part in hunting the fleeing militiamen and have also unleashed precise strikes against these people.  Hodeidah is strategically important since it has a harbor that is the lifeline of millions of Yemenis since most of the commercial relief supplies and imports entering through it into the country.

The coalition which is lead by Saudi Arab and UAE is blaming the Houthis of taking an advantage of the control of Hodeidah port in order to secure weapons from the patrons of Iran and also confiscate help which is for the Yemenis to sustain the war efforts.

The loyalists of the government are fighting for the Al Houthis on the southern and eastern outskirts of Hodeidah to prepare to storm the city and liberate it and its important habor for from these rebels. Sana’a, the capital is under the control of the Al Houthi militants since late 2014 is the primary focus of the government forces campaign’s supported by the coalition.