Al-Jawf and Al-Bayda liberated dozens of Houthis caught

March 20, 2020

A major attack was launched by the Yemeni army forces and the popular resistance on the Houthi militias’ positions, which led to the Qaisin area liberation north of Al-Jawf governorate, northeast of the country.

The Yemeni National Army forces’ attack resulted in the killing and wounding of dozens of militia members. The Yemeni armed forces’ media center confirmed the capture of 40 militia members, while the rest of them escaped.

According to field sources, the Yemeni army forces controlled more than 6 military vehicles and a number of crews, and quantities of weapons and ammunition left by the militia elements before they fled.

the Yemeni army forces liberated, on Wednesday, a number of strategic sites that were under the control of the Houthi militia in the Qaniya front in Al-Bayda Governorate.
The “117th Infantry Brigades’” Commander Brigadier General Ahmed Hussein al-Naqah said that the National Army forces managed to liberate the sites of “Tabab, Al-Soud”, “Al-Makhbi” and “Al-Khirba”, in the Al-Yisabel area of the Qaniya Front, stressing the continuation of the battle which perpous is the advance of the army forces and the collapse of the militia Houthi escaping.

In response to these defeats, the Houthi militia targeted citizens’ homes in the villages of Qaniya in the Al-Bayda Governorate, wounding two children.
Local sources said that the Houthi militia shelled with artillery and mortar shells a residential area of Qana, which resulted in the injury of the two children, in addition to severe damage to a number of civilian homes.

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