American Oil Worker Freed from Captivity in Yemen

February 26, 2019

Danny Burch, an American oil worker who was kidnapped by Houthi rebelsin 2017 in Yemen has been released. US President Donald Trump made this announcement. Mr Trump on Twitter announced that Danny Burch has been reunited with his family after being rescued. He thanked the UAE for their help.
Mr Burch was working for the Yemeni Safer oil company. He was abducted after dropping his children to school. Since 2015, Yemen has been locked in a cruel civil war.
His Yemeni wife stated he was captured in the Yemeni capital Sanaa in September 2017 after dropping his children off at an event. She stated that he was kidnapped in broad daylight.
His brother told news reporters shortly after his kidnapping that Mr Burch had shifted to Yemen in 2003 to work in the oil industry. He stated that even if he is released he would stay in yemen as his entire family is there.
Trump told that the US government paid a huge price for his release.
In late January it was reported that he was taken to Oman aboard a flight along with other senior members of the Houthi leadership.
The Iran-allied Houthis have been fighting the US-backed government in the south of the nation since 2015.
The US government has cautioned against travelling to Yemen because of “the high security threat level posed by continuing battle and terrorist activities, as well as kidnapping threats.
In September 2018, Human Rights Watch reported that Houthi rebels had greatly abused captives, which includes purportedly beating them with iron rods, handcuffing them to walls, and spanking their feet.

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