Arab Coalition affirmed that it has launched a military operation against Houthi targets in Yemen

July 3, 2020

On Thursday, the Arab coalition affirmed that it has propelled a military operation against the Houthi targets in Yemen and stressed that targeting civilians by Houthis was crossing the “red line.”Saudi Arabia has been facing many Houthi assaults as of late, with the rebels utilizing drones and ballistic missiles to harm Saudi Arabia’s most crowded towns and urban areas, the Arab News reported.

After reports of an increase in assaults of citizens in Saudi Arabia, the representative for the Saudi-led Coalition warned Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Thursday that they’ve crossed the red line.

The UN hoped that the ceasefire amid covid-19 would make room for a political settlement to end the continuing civil war, however, after January’s unexpected heightening in attacks amid coalition forces and Houthi rebels, the Arab coalition decided to defend by propelling fresh attacks.

According to Arab News, on Wednesday, The Arab coalition declared the beginning of military action on Houthi targets in Yemen. The mission aims to demolish explicit Houthi facilities and is a counter-reaction to the threat. Last week, the militia propelled a ballistic missile towards Riyadh which was soon intercepted, the Arab coalition representative Col. Turki Al-Maliki stated at the press briefing.

The Arab coalition would take “strict measures” against the Houthis if they continued targeting civilians and this would not be tolerated by the Kingdom, Al-Maliki added. The Yemeni armed force had adapted to the truce that the coalition declared in April for around 45 days. He added that the Houthis violated the truce multiple times in that period.

As per The National, The Saudi authority stated that the Houthi rebels were taking Iran’s help as they are not capable of making their own drones or ballistic missile. According to Col., Turki Al-Maliki in a press conference stated that the missile used in the last week’s attack was Iranian made.

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