Arab Coalition Appeals UN to Compel Houthis over Yemen Peace Process

April 10, 2019

The Arab Coalition supporting Yemen’s government against the Houthi militia has suggested the United Nations Security Council to act against the militia’s recurrent violations of the Hodeidah truce and barring access to humanitarian aid.

On Tuesday, in a letter to the council, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Yemeni missions to the UN asked for pressure to be put on the Houthis because the ceasefire had not been respected over 100 days after it came into effect after peace discussions in Stockholm.

The allied group also indicated that new consideration should be taken. The letter stated that Yemen’s governments still thinks that if the Stockholm accord were fully enforced it would naturally enhance the humanitarian situation of millions of Yemenis. It also mentioned that more UN-led negotiations might lead to a political solution for the conflict in Yemen that it crucially needs.

It is therefore binding on the Security Council to preserve pressure on the Houthis and Iran to end their blocking of the Stockholm peace process.

The endorser stated that the rebels halted a World Food Programme team on 2 April from reaching the Red Sea Mills in Hodeidah, where 51,000 tonnes of grain is stored. In the letter, it was also mentioned that the Houthis barred access while asserting, remarkably, that coalition forces in the area seemed to be a danger to the WFP team.

On the other hand, on the military end, the coalition has assiduously noticed the Stockholm truce. The Houthis, have breached the ceasefire not less than 3,047 times.

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