Arab Coalition Attacks Houthi Drone Capabilities in Sanaa

April 11, 2019

The Arab Coalition in Yemen stated that it had hit Houthi targets in the capital Sanaa, as per Saudi TV reports early on Wednesday.

A Houthi workshop that used to manufacture unmanned drones and a launch pad were hit in the assault, stated the coalition, which is assigned with backing the internationally acknowledged government of Yemen against the Iranian-supported Houthi militia that govern the capital.

Coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki stated that at 4:17 a.m. the Joint Forces Command conducted a surgical strike in Sanaa to demolish two legitimate military targets, which include a workshop used by the Houthi rebels for planting and booby-trapping UAVs and composing UAVs to carry out terrorist operations.

He stated that the targeting operation was an expansion of previous military operations (on Jan. 19, 31 and Feb. 9 and March 23), which were carried out by the Joint Forces Command to destroy an Iran-backed terrorist Houthi rebel’s unified network for UAV capacities and its logistical facilities, apart from the locations of foreign experts.

Al-Maliki confirmed the pledge of the coalition to averting access by the Houthi rebels and other terrorist organizations to such capacity, and taking all steps to defend civilians and crucial areas from the risk of UAV terrorist attacks likewise customary international humanitarian law.

He reasserted that the targeting operation follows customary international humanitarian law, and that the Joint Forces Command had taken all preventative measures to safeguard civilians and avert collateral damage, while the Iran-supported terrorist Houthi rebels used residential neighborhoods and civilian facilities as their military zones as manufacturing workshops for ballistic missiles, mines and makeshift explosive device workshops, and weapons storage.

The coalition characterized by the Child Protection Unit of the Joint Forces Command, who handed over seven children to the representative of the Yemeni lawful government. These children had been tricked and were detained during military conflict with Iran-supported Houthi terrorist militias in a number of fighting fronts on the Kingdom’s borders.

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