Arab Coalition to start Initiative for Children Affected by Yemen War

April 2, 2019

Despite the peace deal that was struck in Stockholm, Houthis are still committing a variety of atrocities in Yemen. Several horrific crimes are also being committed by them. One group that is suffering greatly because of Houthis is children. To help the children affected by the Houthis and the Yemen War, the Arab coalition has stepped up.

According to Colonel Turki al-Maliki, efforts are currently underway by the United Nations, Saudi Arabia and other members of the coalition for launching the initiative soon. This initiative will focus on helping children affected by the war to reintegrate into the society. Colonel Turki al-Maliki also spoke about the MoU which was signed by the United Nations and the Arab coalition.

He also stated that this agreement was the result of cooperation between the coalition and the United Nations for the protection against the children. Colonel Turki al-Maliki also stressed the fact that necessary measures were always taken by the coalition to ensure that children are not dragged into the ongoing conflict.

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