Arab Coalition will open humanitarian corridors between Hodeidah and Sana

October 20, 2018

The Arab Coalition is going to open humanitarian corridors between the occupied Red Sea port of Hodeidah and the capital Sanaa in coordination with the UN. “The coalition is working with the UN’s humanitarian agency OCHA in Yemen to establish safe humanitarian corridors to help in the delivery of aid…between Hodeidah and Sanaa,” according to the coalition spokesman. The spokesman Turki Al Maliki blamed the Iranian-backed Houthis of exploiting civilians as human shields in Hodeidah and confirmed that the Arab Coalition is continuing to fight against terrorism in Yemen. The rebels offered to hand the operation of the port facility “The Iranian regime continues to disobey the international law in efforts to destabilize the country’s security. There is an Iranian military ship monitoring the vessels passing through Bab Al Mandab,” Mr. Al Maliki stated.


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