Arab Coalition: Yemen’s Territorial Integrity Assured by UN Resolution

December 26, 2018

Col. Turki Al-Malki, the official spokesperson of the Arab coalition recently garnered the support for the UN resolution from the coalition states concerning the Sweden Agreement for Yemen.

According to the words of Turki Al-Malki as per the results of the UN-sponsored meetings in Stockholm, the UN resolution will offer Yemen the freedom of territorial integrity. Now, apart from this Al-Malik also expressed concerns regarding the Houthi Militia at the press conference.

He said, despite the ceasefire signed on December 18 between the Houthis and the Arab coalition, the Houthis has breached the ceasefire treaty 138 times since December. In fact, they have attacked various locations like Al Hali, Al Jah, Tahita, Hodeidah, Al Makmaniya, Al Jabaliya, Heis and lastly Al Saleh Village.

Their means of attacks were violent, acrid and caused mass disturbance. Using every kind of weaponry like RPGs, ballistic missiles, mortars and Katyusha rockets they tarnished every bit of the ceasefire agreement. He further speculates that the Houthi Militia has recently captured Sanaa International Airport and is using it to be their military camp. From there they are carrying out terror acts by launching ballistic missiles and attacking Yemenis.

However, despite the atrocious acts by the Houthis, Turki Al-Malki stated that the Arab coalition doesn’t plan on breaching ceasefire and are trying their best to stick to the operation of the Swedish Arrangement.

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