Asylum Seeker from Yemen Turned Away From Qatar

February 25, 2019

Authorities of Qatar are trying to forcibly expel a family from Yemen without considering their claim from asylum according to Human Rights Watch. The family is currently in Qatar and consists of a man, his wife and 2 young children.

Qatar has failed to put into practice a law that was passed last year in September. That law has established the standards for getting asylum as well as the benefits and rights for the people who are given asylum in the nation. The Qatari government has stated that it lacks the infrastructure required for enforcing the law.

However, the deputy Middle East director of Human Rights Watch, Lama Fakih, has stated that the authorities seemed to have abandoned their promise made to the asylum seekers last year by their failure to implement the law. Qatar needs to establish the procedures in place required to provide asylum seekers with an opportunity to showcase their claims.

The Yemeni man has stated that there is risk of him being arrested and tortured by the Houthis if he goes back to Yemen. He also stated that Qatar has been pressurizing him since November 2017 to go away from the country or be forcibly expelled. At first, he was threatened by the authorities that he would be deported to Yemen. However, recently, they are stating that he will be deported to Sudan or to Oman.

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