Because of the Houthi blockade … a warning of an epidemic disaster in Taiz

January 13, 2020

A human rights center has warned of an epidemic disaster in the governorate of Taiz, southwest of Yemen, due to the siege that the city suffers from for the fifth year in a row by the Houthi militia.

The Information and Rehabilitation Center of Human Rights stated, in a press release, that the siege caused a deteriorating health situation that warns of the aggravation of the disaster that caused a collective epidemic, and the potential of the besieged city can save dozens of citizens from death or deteriorate their dire health condition.

The center announced the documentation of 33 incidents of human rights violations against civilians in Taiz governorate last December, indicating that its field team was able to document the killing of 15 people, including one child, the injury of 3 civilians, and monitoring 13 cases of private property violation, where 7 houses were damaged.

It also pointed out that the areas that were heavily bombed by the militias included residential neighborhoods north and east of the city, referring to what the city is suffering as a result of the unjust Houthi siege from the eastern, northern and western sides and their attempt to cut the city’s only artery by attacking the Souq Al-Raboua from the south. Which connects to the temporary capital of Aden.

The report of the prominent international experts group of the Human Rights Council confirmed that the Houthi blockade of the city of Taiz is collective punishment and a multi-faceted violation of human rights and international and humanitarian laws. He also clarified that the blockade imposed by the revolutionaries greatly affected Taiz, including the lack of food commodities and water, the scarcity of medicines and the lack of health services and the decline in education and other forms of life.

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