Breaking Down the Battles of Hodeida Port: Yemen Crisis

December 28, 2018

The port of Hodeida experienced the full heat of the Yemeni war between the Houthi Rebels and the Arab coalition. Now, as per the WHO (World Health Organization), the red sea port is very vital to Yemen as it’s the sole source of humanitarian goods which the WHO is providing. However, with the war ongoing, the UK is currently trying to bring peace to this 4-year long war and save the Yemenis from a famine that might be the end of them all.

Currently, a survey shows the top incidents of Hodeida port this year (monthly) –

May –

Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s pro-Yemeni government planned an all-out assault on rebels. 13 km away from the city, the troops soon did a swift takeover where fighting escalated rapidly. The death toll was numerous and speculations state the war killing more than 10,000 people while displaced millions.

June –

Who expresses concern over the intensity of rising death tolls in the Yemeni war; Yemen’s Incident Manager of the World Health Organization state that the war is posing as a  risk to 600,000 people and it’s time to take measures to stop it.

July –

Martin Griffith, UN Special Envoy arrives at Yemen to discuss measures to stop attacking Hodeida. Griffiths proposed to restart political negotiations among warring parties to reduce the outright assault on Hodeida.

October –

The Arab coalition launches numerous attacks along with missiles to aid pro-government fighters in getting rid of Houthis posted at Hodeida. This led to vast destruction of civilian property and life.

November –

The pro-government fighters attacked the remaining rebels by initiating a severe ground offensive which would deal with eliminating all rebels. They attacked using naval artillery and damaged the city with airstrikes. This led to President Donald Trump initiating the administration for a ceasefire.

December –

Yemen’s warring parties met in December and agreed to stop fighting in the red sea port of Hodeidah.

Currently, the ceasefire remains unstable, but until now the UK successfully managed to send a certified amount of Humanitarian goods to the war-stricken in Yemen.