Brutal torture and suicide attempts in secret women’s prisons in Sanaa.

December 30, 2019

The Houthi militia has converted a number of buildings in Sana’a into women’s prisons, where they are subjected to brutal torture. Revealed a Yemeni human rights organization

“Horrific and disgusting testimonies about what women are being held in the cellars of prisons and cells.” Said The Yemen Organization for Combating Human Trafficking (a non-governmental organization),in a statement

The statement added that “those responsible for these heinous crimes were stripped of their humanity. Rather, they took pleasure in what they practiced in terms of criminality and victimization of weak women, with no power but screaming and begging the executioners whose mercy was torn from their hearts.”

The organization explained that the victims in the secret prisons of the well-known leaders of the Houthi militia are suffering from tragic conditions due to physical and sexual abuse on them.

In addition, the organization pointed out that “some of the women have entered bad psychological states as a result of certain way of torture made to humiliate and destroy their psyche, cases which have been documented by the organization.”

It monitored a number of suicide attempts by the victims of those prisons, in addition to some detainees and forcibly disappeared persons who got physical disabilities due to the brutal torture they suffered without mercy.

The organization’s statement added that “the situation is grave and the tragedy is great and sad and too large to be summed up by words and phrases.”

It also called on the international community to take urgent action to close these detention centers, subject victims to psychological rehabilitation programs, and start the move to prosecute the Houthi leaders involved in committing these crimes, in order to obtain compensation and rehabilitation for the victims.

The organization expressed its regret and condemnation of the Houthi leaders’ return accused of being behind these crimes, called Sultan Zaben, to the position of Director of the General Department of Criminal Research, and the appointment of Hassan Hassan Batran, his assistant in those crimes, as director of criminal investigation in Ibb governorate, and the distribution of the rest of the accused in sensitive security positions that affect security, dignity and citizens’ privacy, after these leaders were involved in committing these atrocities and crimes.

In a previous report, the Yemen Organization for Combating Human Trafficking announced that the number of kidnapped and disappeared women reached more than 160 women.

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