Ceasefire Takes Effect, Hodeida Finally Calm

December 19, 2018

For four years, the port city of Hodeidah was a witness to endless violence and war that left the citizens of Yemen on the brink of famine. To ensure these stop, the UN intervened and initiated a peace talk in Sweden. Brining warring parties from both the sides, the Saudi coalition along with the Houthi rebels, the UN made the two sides negotiate to start ceasefire.

This was done, mainly to provide citizens of Yemen adequate humanitarian relief that entered Hodeidah through its only available port in the red sea. With the fighting continuing, the UN was unable to send in human resource aids to more than 4 million war-affected Yemenis.

Hence, The UN initiated a cease-fire agreement which was to start from last Tuesday. Now, initially, the UN-brokered ceasefire commenced from midnight. However, sources state that even after the deadline several heavy clashes and raids continued until 3 am in the morning.

Nevertheless, after 3 am with the onset of dawn, the fighting and the raiding stopped completely. Now, it is still unsure whether the fighting would completely cease or not. Numerous Yemeni residents claimed that, fighting normally continued at night and stopped at dawn.

Hence, currently, the UN stated that they will dispatch a team consisting of members of both the warring parties to initiate a deal on truce at Hodeida. The name of this dispatch team The Redeployment Coordination Committee; both sides of this committee have agreed to the rules of a ceasefire.

The members will jointly agree to stop fighting and commence the onset of peace past midnight. However, with the fighting going up until dawn, only time will tell if the ceasefire is being followed diligently.

The UN has further sent a team to monitor the cease-fire, so currently, situations are calm in the red sea province.

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