Civil Society of Yemen Asks for the Help of UN Support for Human Rights Violation Inquiry Commission

September 26, 2018

The Civil Society of Yemen has sent an appeal to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for increasing the support level to the National Commission of Human Right Violation in the sphere of Human Rights Violation in Yemen. For reflecting this support in the purported resolution which Yemen had to go through in the 39th session of this Human Rights Council.

As per the Statement, the National Commission has experienced success in the sphere of monitoring, investigating various violations, and documenting since the issue of the previous mentioned HRC resolution. The Commission is known to have tightened the presence of it different territories of Yemen which investigated and then collected information the violations which had been perpetrated by different parties. Thereafter, they had established a compact database for the different victims of these violations for using during the time of peace for achieving accountability, reconciliation, and justice in Yemen.  Apart from this the Commission had also issued the several specific and general reports which have the results of the investigation that it had conducted in different parts of Yemen.