Coalition to Bring Back Lawfulness in Yemen Releases Statement on Hodeidah Governorate

February 15, 2019

The Coalition forces have issued a statement and it mentioned that it is going to back the legality in Yemen on the Hodeidah Governorate. The statement read that the it is well known that the Coalition forces has replied to the appeal of Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, President of Yemen, under Article 51 of the United Nations, UN, Charter that they are going to revive Yemen’s legitimacy. The Charter of the Arab League as well as the Arab League’s Joint Defense Treaty, that the coalition forces would do their best in order to save and safeguard the Yemeni people from the Iran-backed Houthi rebels and renew legal rights.
The Coalition started military action in order to free an important area from the clutch of the coup militia. By doing so, the coalition forces acknowledged the universal significance of the Red Sea maritime lanes, and the certain, direct menace against them due to the presence of the coup military force that is supported by Iran, the significance of Hodeidah City to the coup rebels as a crossing-point of unlawful and dangerous weapons, which the coup militia continued to restrict.
Coalition and Yemeni lawful forces were successful in freeing large areas in Yemen, up until reaching the periphery of Hodeidah City, which wielded pressure on the coup militia, compelling it through the Stockholm Agreement to tolerate withdrawal from the city and ports under UN administration.
It has been more than six weeks since the Stockholm Agreement, to which the Coalition and lawful forces fully devoted themselves through all features of the truce, and displayed complete discipline against the menacing inducement that have outstripped 1,400 breaches by the coup militia, although there are many martyrs and many have been injured.
In addition, all through the the six weeks removed from the Sweden Agreement, no important headway was documented in the enforcement of the accord. All signs hinted that the coup militia was not interested in enforcing the articles of the accord. In fact, they were intentionally preventing the enforcement to get more time to develop their military potential in the city and governorate.
From the end of the Arab Coalition in regards to the ongoing success of the Stockholm Agreement, and in backing the political process headed by the Special Envoy for Yemen, the Coalition forces echoed their eagerness to the re-station under the Stockholm Agreement, and called upon the United Nations and the Special Envoy for Yemen to put pressure on the coup militia to enforce the Stockholm Agreement.

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