Discussion between Yemeni Foreign Minister and UN Envoy for the Release of the Houthi Jail Prisoners

November 14, 2018

Plans were discussed between the Foreign Minister of Yemen and the United Nations special envoy to Yemen so that they secure the release of the prisoners from the jails that are being controlled by the Houthis at a meeting held in Riyadh. Khaled Al Yamani, Yemeni Foreign Minister, said in a brief manner that the UN envoy is on the progress to release all of the prisoners that have been captured by the Houthi rebels. But it is not clear whether they had a discussion on the release of the Houthi prisoners or not.

The release of the prisoners is considered to be the first step towards building up of a trust between the Yemeni government that is recognized internationally and the Houthi militants. Measures for confidence building and ending the humanitarian crisis in the country were also a part of the discussion between Mr. Griffiths and Mr. Yamani. The Foreign Minister of Yemen also called for cooperation with the United Nations to support the Central bank of Yemen which is struggling for controlling the currency which is deteriorating day-by-day and also about the high inflation. The military operations are moving forward slowly and they are trying to safeguard the lives of the civilians carefully. In fact, the operations are also trying tom avoid the casualties which is a priority for them. Khaled Al Yamani also had a talk with the US and France representatives about the subject.

It is also known that the UN special envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths will give a briefing to the UN Security Council and he hoped that the peace talks will start again within a month after they collapsed in Geneva that followed the failure of Houthi rebels for attending the negotiations.