Dozens of the Houthi militia members killed and wounded, including leaders

January 10, 2020

Dozens of the Houthi militia members have been killed and wounded, including leaders in clashes with the Joint Southern Resistance Forces during the past hours, in Al-Dhali fronts, south of Yemen.

Field sources reported that the most violent clashes and reciprocal shelling with heavy and medium weapons occurred in the Al-Fakher area, west of Dhali that erupted after midnight on Wednesday and continued until Thursday morning, after the Houthi militia attempted to take control of the strategic Mount Othman.

The sources confirmed that the Houthi militias’ dead and wounded members, have fallen during the battles that were supposed to break the attack, and the Houthi militia retreated to its locations in the western and northern outskirts of the luxurious district market center.

The joint southern forces liberated new sites west of Al Fakhir, while Houthi leaders from Ibb and Sa`da fell on the fronts of Battar al-Jub and Bab Ghalaq.

According to the sources, Houthi leader Amir Ali Yahya al-Miqdad was killed with five of his companions, two days after his arrival at the head of reinforcements to the al-Fakher front.

The southern forces also targeted a group of Houthi militia members in the “Battar Front”, in Hajar, west of Al-Dhali ‘.

The targeting resulted in the death of the Houthi militias’ leader called Abu Hadi al-Banus, along with a number of Houthi members, and wounding others.

Militias left the dead bodies of al-Zara`i fighters in the battlefields and reefs of al-Fakher and Battar.

Medical and local sources in Ibb said that hospitals received dozens of Houthi wounded members during this week, while the bodies of the dead were packed in refrigerators.

In Dhamar, medical sources said that the bodies of the Houthi from the Al-Dhali fronts had been rotted due to insufficient refrigerators in the hospitals.

According to field sources, new reinforcements mobilized by the militias of Dhamar and Ibb, and are being assembled in the Al-Saddah district of Ibb governorate before being directed to the frontier fronts of the northern Al-Dhali ‘.

Crowds and reinforcements that militias pushed recently to the fronts of Bab Ghalak, Al-Fakher, Jabb, and Battar suffered major defeats, and the militia lost dozens, including large field leaders, in few days.

In the same context, a soldier of the 1st Brigade with the southern forces, shot down a Houthi unmanned spy plane in the village of Al-Qurain Al-Oqla in Al-Dali ‘governorate. The Houthi militia, under the bleeding of crawling and failed attacks, resorted to anarchic strikes with rocket and artillery shells on villages and populated areas in the regions of “Al-Qafla”, “Al-Ribi”, “Shakhb” and “Beja”.

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