Efforts of the UAE’s Emirates Red Crescent in Yemen

October 8, 2018

The Emirates Red Crescent is undertaking a number of efforts in Yemen to improve the conditions for the people living there.

The organization has implemented a wide variety of humanitarian and development projects in Yemen.  At the moment, they are specifically targeting the cities which have been liberated from the Al Houthi militants, the extremist rebel group which is terrorizing Yemen.

One of the campaigns that ERC has launched is the ‘Al Azariq in our eyes’ campaign. This campaign aims to provide relief to thousands of families in Al Azariq which is in the Dhala province of Yemen.

Apart from these projects, ERC also focuses on education. It has established the Al Nahda School to provide primary and secondary education for the children. ERC has built 3 schools in total in addition to maintaining a further 17 schools. At the same time, ERC has also undertaken the renovation of 7 more schools.

Yemenis are certainly happy at the help provided by the UAE Red Crescent. It has the most prominent role in supporting education.

ERC has also sent convoys to aid Hadramaut. It delivered food aid to over 600 families.