Eight Years Have Passed Since Youth Revolution in Yemen

February 13, 2019

It has been 8 years since the Youth Revolution took place in Yemen. That was caused by the effect of the so-called Arab spring revolts radiating throughout the Middle East from Tunisia. When the uprisings took place, they seemed to have been popular and spontaneous. However, they turned out later to be nothing more than an excuse to execute a meticulous and malicious plan to remove the Arab regimes and destroy their culture and countries.

The youth of Yemen thought that the people wanted the regime to be overthrown. Using that as their slogan, they started their movement. They believed that the movement was simply an expression of their wish to overthrow the then President of Yemen following by solving the problems caused by the corrupted regime.

They did manage to overthrow the regime literally. Unfortunately, that is all they managed to do. The movement brought about destruction of several institutions of the state along with the police and the army, causing a number of socioeconomic and political catastrophes.

Now, the actual leaders behind that movement have decided to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the event. However, they should pay more attention to the devastation and destruction they have caused due to their movement. If those leaders actually had any patriotism and honor with their original goals, they would never dare celebrate the movement while their nation is suffering.

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