Emergency Hospital Set Up In Mocha by Doctors without Borders

February 21, 2019

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known in English as Doctors Without Borders, is an international medical humanitarian non-governmental organization. The aid group is best known for treating people in conflict-afflicted zones, where there is a great need for medical assistance. The aid group has come up with a temporary hospital in Yemen’s port city of Mocha in order to provide life-saving aid for civilians.
The emergency hospital consists of tents, and it is the only medical facility between the frontlines. It would offer surgical care to civilians. This facility has proven to be very crucial.
Basically, MSF doctors treat patients who sustain gunshot wounds, children injured by landmine blasts, and pregnant women grappling with complicated deliveries.
The hospital has around 35 beds, one emergency room and an operating room. It has had over 2,000 visits between August and December and doctors have carried out over 1,000 surgeries.
The continuing war has made it nearly futile for altruistic workers to move aid and reach out to those who need it, especially through the port city of Hodeidah, which has been under the control of Houthi militia, and is also Yemen’s crucial entry point for severely needed food and medicine.
Dr Bernard stated that patients who come to the hospital often are affected from fractures due to gunshots. He stated that the doctors are needed to carry out amputations, especially on patients who suffer from landmines and explosions. They also need to perform a lot of laparotomines, in order to treat abdominal wounds.
The organization in a statement stated that they often carry out cesareans as patients reach late at MSF Mocha hospital and can’t have access to minimal healthcare.
Civilians who get hurt from injuries caused by battle often lose valued time before being treated, which can even cost them their lives. Yemen is one of MSF’s largest nation programmes worldwide. The organization employs around 2,000 Yemeni staff and offers financial support to ministry of health staff, as well as day workers.

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