Emirates Red Crescent to Offer Dh107 Million for Helping to Rebuild Yemen

October 15, 2018

The Emirates Red Crescent is going to offer over Dh107 million for helping out to rebuild the roads, hospitals, and school Yemen’s west coast. The area that runs from Bab Al Mandeb to Al Hudayah has been liberated from the control of Houthi militia following the ground offensive by the Arab Coalition that started in June.

The chairman of ERC, Mohammed Al Falahi has stated that the aid is going to be used to help over 7.1 million residents. Wells, schools, and roads have been rebuilt and help is going to be offered to the farmers and also fisherman. The Houthis has bombed the clinics and schools. As a matter of fact, they have also bombed the child clinics and the maternity hospitals. The ERC have taken steps for addressing rebuilding areas of Yemen. It is now in the third year of conflict.

The charity has offered funding for 6 medical facility and aims on rebuilding seven more. Over 1 million people are expected to benefit from the facilities. The Western Coast Highway that is over 140km long is also going to be repaired. The road is bombed to a great extent by the Houthis as stated by ERC.

Mohammed Al Falahi said that the parts that are going to be used are severely damaged. According to him, people will have to drive on the hard shoulder. It is pretty difficult for pregnant women and old people since it is bumpy and has several holes in it. Developing a 143km long road in the country such as Yemen is a great challenge but the people of Yemen haven’t been receptive and welcoming for the aid provided by UAE.

Apart from repairing the damage caused by bombing, the ERC also plans on assisting the low-income families who have lost their loved-ones in the fight. Around 28,000 pupils from 43 schools is going to benefit from the maintenance project.