ERC Aid Profits 71000 Yemenis Living In Red Sea Coast Cities, Districts

December 5, 2018

Over the past 10 days, the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) dispensed over 350 tonnes of food aid and basic supplies to the Yemeni people belonging to the freed areas of Yemen’s Red Sea Coast.

The aid forms a part of the ERC’s existing endeavors to support Yemeni families and assist them in facing their present humanitarian conditions.

More than 71,000 Yemenis, which includes mostly children, women and elders, have profited from the assistance, which is part of the ERC’s attempts to dispense aid, attain food security, and offer the basic necessities of the Yemeni families.

The relief and assistance, which was delivered to 15 liberated areas of the Red Sea Coast which are facing acute humanitarian situations, targets to support those afflicted by the siege which was initiated by the Houthi rebels.

The UAE’s policy of sending relief aid convoys to assist the helpless and needy Yemeni families is a humanitarian precedence of the ERC in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast.

Under the same situation, the ERC is resuming their task of assessing the health condition of Yemeni families in remote areas and lending treatment through its mobile clinic, which would be helping over 4,700 people in Hodeidah since September.

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