ERC Continues Their Aid Campaign in Al Azariq Yemen

October 17, 2018

The Emirates Res Crescent (ERC), has extended their aid campaign that calls for sending relief and food aid to the liberated Yemeni governorates. Among the liberated governorates, includes, Aden, Lahej, Abayan, Taiz, and Dhale. The ERC send a convoy so that it can provide food aid to 1000 of families living in the Al Azariq District, Dhale Governorate in Yemen. On earlier occasion also, i.e. on 26TH September, the ERC had dispatched their first relief and food aid convoy to the Al Azariq District, Dhale Governorate, in Yemen.

After receiving the aid, the residents of the Al Azariq appreciated the efforts taken by the UAE’s humanitarian aid wing, the ERC. The aid helped to allay the suffering of the Yemenis.