ERC Dispense 160 Tonnes of Foodstuffs in Hadramaut, Lahej

March 4, 2019

Recently, as far as, 14,000 eligible Yemenis have been able to profit from 2,000 baskets containing 160 tonnes of foodstuffs that have been dispersed by the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) of the UAE among underprivileged households in the Hajar district in Hadramaut Governorate, as well as in Al Modharaba and Raas Al Aara districts in Lahej.

The new aid consignment falls within the ongoing attempts made by the UAE to assuage the suffering of the Yemeni people who have deeply expressed their appreciation and thanks to the UAE leadership and also to the ERC teams for providing them their essential needs.

Brigadier Mohamed Abdullah Al Sini, Director-General of Al Modharba District, stressed on the significance of the fresh aid shipments for the locals to survive the regulated circumstances activated by Houthis.

He lauded the symbolic and sustainable humanitarian and developmental support offered by the UAE through its leading humanitarian aid arm, i.e. ERC.

Till date, a total of 4,400 baskets containing 355 tonnes of foodstuffs have been sent by UAE since the start of the ‘Year of Tolerance’, from which 22,000 eligible Yemenis in Hadramaut profited.

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