ERC Hikes the Humanitarian Aid to Yemen’s Red Sea Coast

November 12, 2018

The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) has boosted its immediate relief aid attempts for the residents of the Red Sea Coast of Yemen, since the beginning of October. Earlier, the ERC announced their all-inclusive plan to reconstruct the Red Sea Coast, with the cost of AED107.1 million. As a part of the plan, restoration of 143 kilometer international coastal road, 13 clinics, 43 schools, and local electricity network is also included.

The ERC already delivered the first food supplements to the residents of the Eastern Coast, being the first in the series of aid packages that totals to 200 tonnes. The ERC also revealed their motive to reconstruct nine fishing marinas, setting up a fish market, and begin 29 small-scale production projects which would support the families of victims as well as poor families. It would also include 24 helping bakeries that can benefit around 4.32 million people.

The projects started by the ERC also comprises of renovation of 50 farms, using solar energy adding lights to the major roads, and donating10 vehicles to the rehabilitation centre. At the same time it would be organizing two group weddings consisting of400 people. Around 33 tonnes of food supplements reached Aden International Airport.

SIMILARLY, THE UAE stated that aid authority shipped a relief aid convoy for the residents of the liberated areas of Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, which comprises of 5,000 food parcels that helped 35,000 people, such as more than 25,000 children and 5,000 women.

The ERC distributed around 1,500 food parcel and 5 tonnes of food supplements to the residents of Al Azariq District, Dhala Governorate, and also helped around 36 underweight and starving children with food parcels and cash. It also dispersed 1,000 food parcels to around 7,000 people in Ala Barah, Al Zahari, and Hassa Salem in Mocha District.

The ERC is moving ahead to initiate rebuilding projects and enhance the basic infrastructure of the Red Coast Sea.