ERC Offers Help to 1800 Yemeni Students So That They Return to School

February 21, 2019

On 20th February, the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), opened the Al Fatah Elementary and Secondary School in Al Qataba, Khawkhah District in Hodeidah Governorate, after being revamped, rehabilitated and equipped with necessary items, in order to back the education sector in Yemen.
The ERC’s representative in the Red Sea Coast mentioned that the project was finished in record time, in order to allow 1,800 students to restart their elementary and secondary education which was stopped abruptly due to the conflict in the area. He remarked that the project comprised of the refurbishment of seven classrooms with its educational supplies, as well as the plan of an all-inclusive solar energy system.
Mohammed Yahia Abdul Salam, Director-General of Khawkhah District and Chairman of the Local Council, pointed that the ERC has conducted many charitable services as well as development projects that have aided in bringing back the strength and security of Yemeni villages and regions of Al Khawkhah District and other adjoining areas in Hodeidah Governorate, chiefly the Red Sea Coast.
Mohammed Yahia even stated that the school would be able to serve many regions.
The recipients praised the role of the UAE in supporting the education system as well as other sectors in Al Khawkhah District, mentioning that the school permitted 42 teachers to return to work and students to again start their second semester.

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