Even If UN Is Considering Ways to Back Yemen Truce, US Wants to Confront Iran

December 20, 2018

The United States is demanding that the United Nations Security Council should denounce Iran in a draft resolution that is being discussed to support a truce deal in Yemen’s Hodeidah region; however, as per reports from some diplomats, Russia has declined the move on Wednesday.


The 15-member Security Council is taking into consideration a British-drafted plan to support the deal and request U.N. chief Antonio Guterres to present suggestions on ways to supervise the truce and re-disposition of forces.


The primary draft text, criticizes from whatsoever source, the furnishing of weapons and correlated materiel in non-observation of the arms restriction provisions; however, it doesn’t contain the name of any nations


According to diplomats, the United States wants to precisely blame Iran, and have come up with a revised draft; however, Russia has opposed to the wording. Diplomats have stated that the goal is to try to accept a resolution by this week.


In February, Russia rejected a U.S. led endeavor to have the council order or request Tehran in a settlement on Yemen.


Antonio Guterres U.N. chief has disclosed to the Security Council that the debris of many ballistic missiles fired by the Houthis at adjoining Saudi Arabia seems to be Iranian. However, Iran denied the charge of furnishing weapons to the Houthis.


A Saudi-led military allied group mediated in Yemen to support the government forces. The United Nations and Western countries have condemned the alliance for killing a huge number of civilians that includes children.


The draft council decision chastises random attacks and aiming civilians. U.N. diplomats also stated that some nations want the present draft decision on Yemen to be explicitly focused on the truce deal reached in Sweden and for the expression used for focusing on the humanitarian crisis in the Yemen nation to be removed.


After all, the battle has driven poverty-stricken Yemen to the brink of famine, and millions of people depend on food aid. Mansour al-Otaibi, Kuwait’s U.N. ambassador stated that council members are still working on the draft resolution and some things haven’t been made.

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