Five Mine Clearing Experts Gets Killed While Removing Mines in Yemen

January 21, 2019

While removing the Houthi-militant planted mines five foreign experts got killed when the device exploded. The technicians were working for Masam, a Saudi-financed project. According to sources, the five people died near the headquarters of the programme in Marib province. As per reports, as the technicians were getting ready to remove hundreds of similar devices from the sites in Marib, an explosion happened as a landmine blew up. The ammunitions were supposed to be taken to a remote location so that it can be disposed.
A source who was close to the site of the explosion stated that a landmine blasted, thereby leading to a chain reaction that started to explode other devices as well. Assistant manager of the programme, Johan den Haan, a UK citizen of South African origin, was also among the list of the dead.
As per reports, the mine continued to explode for over 30 minutes; however, the brunt of the explosion was not able to reach headquarter of the team; where thousands of landmines and explosive devices were stored. Till late night, report about the number of people injured couldn’t be evaluated.
Masam programme’s director, Osama Al Gosaibi, posted his sympathy on Twitter and stated that the project also shares its deep sympathy towards the families of the martyrs.

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