Flash floods washes away houses and kills 14 people in Yemen

July 27, 2020

The continuous flash floods in Yemen have washed away houses, displaced many families in many regions, and overwhelmed hospitals. On Sunday, flash flood and consecutive torrential rains killed around 14 people in Yemen, an official report stated.

In the western province of Hodeidah, due to the flash flood, around 13 people were reported dead, and more than 35 houses were washed away in Qanawis, Zuhrah, and Luhayyah districts.

Yemen has already been paralyzed by civil war, coronavirus crisis, locust attack, and now flash floods, which has furthermore crashed the economy of the nation. Along with the depleting economy, it’s facing the worst humanitarian crisis.

Currently, hospitals in Yemen are overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases, and also the water-born diseases such as diphtheria, dengue, cholera, and malaria are adding to the already fragile health care system.

Deputy prime minister of Yemen, Salem Al-Khanbashi told the Arab News, that heavy rains have additionally hit the capital Sanaa, causing floods that influenced numerous private property. All affected areas are hugely damaged, he added.

The National Emergency Committee had met to talk about how to deal with the harm and offer pressing help to the affected territories. The flooding washed away fields in Hadramout and Abyan, also destroyed electrical cables in the southern area of Lahj, Al-Khanbashi included.

The nation’s National Meteorological Center predicted a news wave of flash floods in many provinces and warned people on Saturday to stay away from flood areas and abstain from traveling this week.

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