For 2018 UAE Has Been Ranked as the World’s Top Donor for Yemen

January 10, 2019

Whenever the question of humanitarian assistance crops up, the UAE always top the list. The UAE remains the biggest donor of humanitarian aid for a war-torn nation like Yemen.

2018 was the ‘Year of Zayed’ in the UAE and it ended with advancement on a wide array of services and projects within Yemeni governorates. Thus, it’s a great achievement for the UAE as it could redress the suffering of the Yemenis and soothing their wound, in order to help them lead a normal life.

The UAE’s current projects played an important role in balancing the freed Yemeni provinces and bringing them back to normalcy, after the Houthi rebels turned it to site of carnage.

Apart from the contributions, the UAE also backed different development projects, which aided in the improvement of the economy.

The UAE played a crucial role in the successful enforcement of the United Nations endeavors and relief plans in Yemen. The assistance includes different aspects of life for Yemenis such as health, water, education, road and transportation networks, electricity, job, food, pharmaceutical and development aid.

The total amount of UAE aid to Yemen during the Zayed Year was about AED 7,838 billion (US $ 2.13 billion), of which AED 1,840 billion (US $ 500 million) was assigned to support the UN Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen in 2018.

The UAE with Saudi Arabia’s support “Imadad Program” offered $500 million in order to combat hunger in Yemen and meet urgent humanitarian needs in the food and nutrition sectors, while focusing on malnutrition among children below five years of age, lactating and pregnant woman. Till date, the UAE have donated $50 million to Imdaad Program.

The UAE even declared some projects which would provide around 1000 jobs to the family if the martyrs and their families through the help of these jobs can overcome the difficult times.

The UAE Red Crescent Authority along with their delegates’ dispersed food baskets in the freed governorates. Around 433,422, food baskets were disbursed last year and 3.034,094 Yemeni citizens from different governorates were recipients.

Like the aforementioned efforts of the UAE, there were many other steps taken by the UAE in order to help the Yemenis. The wide range of humanitarian efforts as well as emergency assistance helped UAE to become the world’s top donor to Yemen

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