Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Hadrami slams Iran for fueling the humanitarian crisis in Yemen

September 11, 2020

On Wednesday, Addressing an online Arab League meeting, the Yemeni Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Hadrami stated that the Iranian regime presents a serious threat to the security and stability in the Arab world. Moreover, the Iran-led Houthi army fuels his nation’s compounding humanitarian crisis, he added.

The internationally recognized Yemeni government has many times before accused Iran for financing the Houthi revolt in Yemen that has taken many lives. The Foreign Minister asserted that “Iran has brought great harm to Yemeni people and the region, as it utilizes the resources of its people to fund the militia and obtrusively meddles in the internal affairs Arab nations,” the Arab News reported.

The Yemeni government has requested the global community to impose more sanctions on the Iranian regime so as to check its support to the Houthi militia in the state.According to the Arab News reports, Al-Hadrami stated about the Stockholm Agreement that his government would not permit the Houthis to exploit a détente in the western city of Hodeidah.

“We have come to acknowledge today that the Stockholm Agreement has demonstrated pointless, delivered nothing due to Houthi civilian army’s tenacity. It is transformed into another period of heightening, further fueling the Yemeni public’s anguish,” Al-Hadrami included, the Arab News reported.

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