Free Breakfast Program Makes 500 Yemeni Girls Return to School

December 31, 2018

Due to the ongoing war in Yemen, many families due to insufficient funds were forced to pull out their children from school. Moreover, children especially girls at a young age of 13, when they should have books in their hands are forced to marry men more than their age. However, one school in Sana’s has been able to come up with a solution.

The NGO Solidarios sin Fronteras is based in Yemen and Spain, which is basically operated by volunteers and financed by individual donations, has come up with an innovative program. The NGO is offering a complete breakfast for the girl students of the school, who are between 6 to 16 years of age. Before the project started, one-fifth of the girls’ student didn’t attended schools. Gradually, they started to turn up and by September 2018, all the girl students’ were back to school.

The brainchild behind the project which has been titled ‘Breakfast to educate and protect’ was Eva from Barcelona and Faten from Yemen, Faten disclosed that in March 2018, one of the school’s teachers reached out to Faten as one 8-year old girl was getting thinner and weak day by day. The 8- year old girl suddenly stopped to attend school. Like the 8-year old girl many other girls also quit school. When teachers spoke to the family of the 8-year old girl, it was found that the financial condition of the family was poor and they wanted to marry off their daughter quickly.

The teacher contemplated if any daily food program would aid in bringing back the girl children to school. The UN had already announced that Yemen’s humanitarian crisis is the worst one. 65% Yemenis are struggling to obtain food.

Solidarios sin Fronteras discussed with a pediatrician to draft the breakfast’s menu. While Faten shops for groceries, married couples use her kitchen to prepare the food and send it to the schools.

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