From Al Mukalla to Al Maha: The UAE Crescent is reducing the suffering of Yemenis

May 22, 2019

The UAE Red Crescent has been dedicated to humanitarian and relief efforts in Yemen, in parallel with the launching of several humanitarian initiatives and projects during the month of Ramadan.

Meanwhile, the UAE Red Crescent field teams, along with the liberated Yemeni geography, are working on the implementation of the humanitarian projects adopted and financed by the Commission as part of its relief plan to reduce the human and living suffering of thousands of Yemeni families.

In the early days of Ramadan, the UAE Red Crescent Authority implemented a project to furnish 15 mosques in the cities of Al-Mukha and Hays in the western coast of Yemen.

The representative of the UAE Red Crescent, in the West Coast, said that the project of re-furnishing the mosques in the cities of Al-Mukha and Hays was part of the projects of the “Meir of Ramadan” Initiative launched by the United Arab Emirates in the West Coast and in all governorates of Yemen.

Local officials explained that the mosques, which were furnished, suffered from the damage of their old furniture, which required the United Arab Emirates to intervene in supporting them with new and sufficient furniture, in the framework of its support and rehabilitation of the various facilities and service sectors and development along the villages and cities of the West Coast.

The red crescent provided urgent relief assistance to the people of Al Halabi village in the Al-Mukha district after their houses were completely destroyed and others partially destroyed and all food, furniture, and clothes were damaged because of the heavy rains and floods on Monday.

UAE relief assistance included providing food baskets, furniture and adequate tents to the families.

The representative of the UAE Red Crescent said that the rapid action to provide relief to the citizens in the village of Halibee came in line with the directives of the UAE leadership, which always insists on providing various aid and assistance to needy families in all areas of the West Coast and all liberated Yemeni provinces.

In the province of Shabwa, southeast of Yemen, the UAE Red Crescent on Monday distributed the Ramadan Meir to the nomads in the Balhaf district and Radom district, as part of its humanitarian and relief efforts at various levels to help Yemenis alleviate their suffering and improve their living conditions.

The SFDA field teams distributed 70 food baskets, including 6 tons of food, to 434 poor and low-income families in the Balhaf area.

The number of food baskets distributed by the UAE Crescent in Shabwa governorate since the beginning of 2019 is more than 94,440, it has been distributed to 120,043 poor homeless and needy families.

In Hadramout province, east of Yemen, the UAE Red Crescent continues to distribute Ramadan food and takes care of 28,500 poor families.

Field teams of the UAE Red Crescent have distributed new batches of Ramadan meals to poor families in the Sahel and Wadi Hadramout areas.

The UAE aid, which was distributed on Monday, includes 1,000 food baskets (80 tons and 800 kilos), benefiting 5,000 poor and low-income families in Rama and Thamud in the desert (500) food baskets went to the needy people in Tarim, and Gail Bawazir (500) baskets, (1300) food basket in the eastern
regions, and in the city of Mukalla, (1500) basket in the departments of Ramah and Thamoud.

The number of food baskets distributed by the UAE Crescent since the beginning of the year 2019 in Hadramout governorate reached (16242) food basket.

The UAE red crescent makes a daily endless effort to help and
save the maximum people they can.

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