Gardens of Death report reveals terrifying figures for Houthi

February 4, 2020

An international human rights organization based blâmer the Houthi militia, for the deaths of 580 victims, including 104 children and 60 women, on whom mines have exploded, followed by other armed groups including extremist organizations responsible for killing 105 people, including 30 children, 7 women, and 68 men.

This was stated in a report issued by the Dutch Human Rights Radar, on mine victims in Yemen under the title “Yemen: Gardens of Death”, which included staggering numbers and terrifying stories about the victims who were exposed to the exploding of these mines with their bodies during the current war in Yemen, which completed its fifth year.

“The armed conflict that Yemen has witnessed since 2014 continues, during which the largest single, anti-vehicle explosive device mines were planted in the modern history of Yemen,” the report said. Of the total victims of disability and injury, the number of civilian victims was 428, while the number of military casualties was173, and of course, Al Houthi Group occupies the first place in the responsibility for the largest number of victims of disability and injury with a number of 457 victims, including 288 men, 113 children, and 56 women.

The report included a number of stories and testimonies of the victims of mines and explosives, and it will surely constitute an important reference for jurists, researchers and those interested in this type of humanitarian crime and its victims, according to what was published by the official Yemeni News Agency. In its recommendations, Human Rights Watch requested that the armed Houthi militia hands over maps of all fields and areas it has planted mines in Yemen over the past years to the Yemeni government and to agencies and programs working in the field of demining in Yemen.

It also called on the Houthis to stop planting mines of all shapes and sizes, to stop making explosive devices and various forms of explosives, and to destroy their stockpiles.

It demanded that the United Nations use its powers to exert international pressure on the Houthi group to stop the cultivation of all kinds of mines, and recommended the United Nations team of prominent experts to continue investigating the issue of planting mines and their impact on Yemenis, in order to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice and to compensate the victims and affected. Radar called on Human Rights Watch to arrange the return of the displaced Yemenis, and to secure their areas from the threat of mines, and called on all parties to stop targeting civilians and adhere to the rules of engagement and the law of war, and not to involve civilians in any armed conflict.

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