GCC have Denounced Targeting of Yemen Refugee Camp by Houthi in Hodeida

October 12, 2018

Yemen’s GCC Relief and Humanitarian Aid Coordination Office held twenty-sixth meeting at Riyadh on Wednesday. This meeting had been headed by Dr. Aqeel bin Jumban Al-Ghamdi, Center for Planning and Development’s Assistant General Supervisor. The meeting condemned the Houthi targeting the Bani Jaber Camp of Yemen for displacing the al-Khokha of Hodeidah province last Friday which has killed a woman and has wounded 13 people that includes 8 children in the development which have led to huge damages in the camp.

The participants have stressed on the need to condemn the terrorist act by the humanitarian and international organizations calling on international community for standing firm against the humanitarian crime which had been carried out by the Houthi militias who had violated the human rights and international principles.

It has also been pointed that the silence regarding this action will allow the militias to continue targeting the humanitarian centers, particularly that Houthis have targeted rehabilitation center already that is for the recruits which is supported by King Salman Relief Center and have caused significant damage to the building.

They have called on the international community so that they can take the required measured for preventing the recurrence of the criminal incidents by the militias are aiming for the refugee camps and the humanitarian centers. As a matter of fact, the participants have also stressed on the importance to hinder relief work and continue looting aid which is provided to the people of Yemen.

United Nations is going to shoulder the humanitarian and legal responsibilities for standing up to the Houthi crimes that contravene international laws and humanitarian principles. The preparations which had been discussed for the provision of humanitarian and relief support for supporting the areas that will affect the tropical storm that is presently hitting the Hadhramout and Socotra in Yemen and continue with the relief support to the Yemeni governorates.