Genomic Sequencing of Yemeni Cholera Strain Points Finger at Africa

January 4, 2019

Since 2016, cholera has become epidemic in Yemen. The researchers were trying to find solutions to fight the disease properly. In this situation, the researchers of Well come Sanger Institute and Institutional Pasteur have revealed that the origination point of the strain is at Africa. The researchers are assuming that the strain was carried to Yemen by African migrants. They hope that this discovery will help to calculate the risk regarding the future wave of this disease. They expect that this data will also help to find the right intervention program to stop the outbreak.

As per the reports, this epidemic has cost total of 2770 lives over the last two years.
The epidemic has worsened the situation of the Yemeni people who were caught in the middle of an ongoing civil war. The three-year-long war is being fought between the Saudi-backed coalition of soldiers for Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi and the Houthi rebels.

As a result of this ongoing war, millions of Yemeni civilians do not have access to safe drinking water or hygienic food.

Cholera is a disease that thrives in such situations. It is a severe diarrhoeal infection which occurs after ingesting food or water that is contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio Cholerae. Acute cases of cholera can even kill a person within just a few hours.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Yemen has witnessed two violent waves of Cholera since the war has started. The first wave, which started in 2016, was relatively controlled than the second wave that has begun in 2017. The second wave of the epidemic has since claimed 2641 lives of Yemeni citizens. WHO says that almost 1.336 million people have been affected in the second wave of the epidemic?
The only good news that the researchers bear is this strain of cholera is not immune to antibiotics like most other strains which have wreaked havoc. These findings have confirmed that this type of cholera that is plaguing Yemen can be treated with medication.

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