Government of Yemen calls for correcting the course of ‘redeployment’ Hodeidah

May 28, 2019

Danish General Michael Lawlessard, the international chief observer in Yemen’s Hodeidah, and the Yemeni government team urged the reactivation of redeployment meetings in the city and ports of Hodeidah in the context
of restoring trust between the Yemeni government and the United Nations.

An official source said that the meeting of the government team with the redeployment committee and the head of the committee of the Loesgaard in Aden did not produce any results and the meetings were postponed until after
Eid al-Fitr.

The government team renewed its rejection of the play of withdrawal in the ports of Hodeidah, expressing regret that this happens with international blessing under the pretext of lack of confidence and flexibility and it is
tantamount to legitimacy and go beyond the Stockholm agreement and the latest modified plan related to Hodeidah.

The team requested quick formula to correct the course of implementation of the redeployment phase of the withdrawals in the ports of Hodeidah and to evaluate the situation by acts and reviewing the mechanisms of the agreement from the point that it deviated from before it is too late.

The relationship between the Yemeni government and the United Nations are very tensed, particularly with the international envoy Martin Griffith, who welcomed at a Security Council session in mid-May the alleged announcement of the unilateral redeployment by Houthi militias without allowing the tripartite commission to monitor it.

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