Griffiths in Sana’a after the Houthi breaches of the truce in Hodeidah

October 29, 2019

UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths arrived in Sana’a on a short visit during which he will meet with Houthi militia leaders.

Griffiths’ visit comes a few hours after a military source in the National Army announced that Houthi militias continued to violate the truce in Hodeidah and don’t abide by ceasefire understandings.

Houthi militias have committed 125 breaches of the UN truce since the installation of liaison officers in the city of Hodeidah and some districts in Hodeidah province, western Yemen, under the supervision of the head of the Redeployment Coordination Committee, Indian General Abhijit Goha.

A spokesman for the joint forces and resistance in the West Coast Front said that the Houthi militias targeted machine guns at the first and fifth joint observation points in Khamiri and City Max areas located in Hodeidah.

A joint forces statement described this targeting as a new escalation of Houthi militias against the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah province.

Last week, the United Nations Mission in Support of the Hodeida Agreement, headed by General Goha, oversaw the establishment and activation of five joint observation points in the city of Hodeidah to monitor the ceasefire with the participation of officers from the legitimate government and Houthi militias.

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