Half of KSRelief’s 700 Aid Projects Addresses Yemen

March 14, 2019

Nearly half of the 700 international aid projects managed by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center are concentrated on Yemen, according to the Geneva Press Club.

Dr. Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Moallem, director of KSRelief’s Department of Medical and Environmental Assistance, stated during a press conference that 328 humanitarian projects in Yemen have connection with health, water sanitation, food security, education, housing, and communication.

Al-Moallem spoke while attending an exhibition at the press club that underscores Saudi’s attempt to assist Yemeni children.

Ibrahim Al-Adoufi, former Yemeni ambassador to the UN and other Arab envoys to the UN were also present at the venue.

Over 6 million Yemeni children are going through the worst humanitarian crisis due to Houthi breaches, according to Al-Moallem.

KSRelief programs consist of an effort to rehabilitate child soldiers trained by the Houthis. Psychological, social and educational programs are also provided by specialists in order to help the soldiers rehabilitate into society.

Al-Moallem stated that children are most susceptible to Houthi forced recruitment in negation to international law and treaties.

He requested the international community to remain tough against Houthi breaches, especially against children.

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