Hodeidah: A Houthi mine exploded in an ambulance

November 2, 2019

A landmine planted by Houthi coup militia exploded in an ambulance on one of the roads north of Al-Duraimi district, south of Hodeidah province, west of Yemen.

In a statement, the Media Center of the Brigades, in a statement, quoted a medical source in Al-Durahemi hospital as saying that it was caused by the explosion of the Houthi mine in an ambulance planted by Houthi militias, north of the directorate, killing one and injuring four.

The “death mines” laid by Houthi militias continue to take innocent lives, with militias heavily planted on all farms and roads.Targeting neighborhoods Houthi militias also continued on Friday, a series of daily violations of the UN truce in Hodeidah, where they launched attacks on residential neighborhoods in the city of Hays south of Hodeidah.

According to local sources in Hays, the militias fired guns at residential neighborhoods in the city with medium and machine guns.

The Houthi targeting of neighborhoods caused a state of fear among citizens and residents, especially women and children in the city.

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