Hodeidah: Houthi militia is blowing up an international control point

March 16, 2020

The Houthi militia, bombed the fifth United Nations-supervised ceasefire in the city of Hodeidah, in western Yemen.

The joint forces’ military media in the Yemeni West Coast, said that the Houthi militia blew up the headquarters of the Fifth Control Point located in City Max east of Al Hudaydah city, considering this bombing a new attack by the Houthi militia on the United Nations mission that oversees the deployment of the link points to monitor the return Proliferation and cease-fire in Hodeidah.

It clarified that the explosion of the point came two days after the liaison officers withdrew from all observation points and the government team announced the suspension of its work in protest against the Houthi militia sniping the liaison officer at the same point.

The UN Monitoring Committee published five points of attachment at the end of October last year in order to monitor the ceasefire in the city, which Houthi militias have not committed to since the entry into force of the UN truce under the Stockholm Agreement in December 2018.

In this context, during the past few hours, the joint forces in the Yemeni western coast responded to two simultaneous infiltration attempts by the Houthi militias south of Hodeidah, west of Yemen, as part of their escalating breaches of the international armistice.

The joint forces military media reported that the remnants of the Houthi militia pockets stationed in remote areas attempted to infiltrate into the outskirts of the city of Hayes from the southeastern side, coinciding with a similar infiltration attempt in the district of Al Tahita towards the mountainous region.

It stressed that the two attempts ended in failure and losses among the infiltrators .. Pointing out that the Houthi militias targeted citizens ’farms in the mountain with artillery shells at the moment of the failed infiltration attempt.

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