Hodeidah on the Frontline of the Worst Humanitarian Crisis of the World

October 16, 2018

The commanders of Yemeni forces who are fighting under Saudi-led coalition are stated that they expect on advancing on the rebel Houthi-held port city in Hodeidah.  This comes as the United Nations is warning that the military offensive there is going to have an incalculable human cost.

Half a million civilians is known to have fled Hodeidah with the fight drawing closer and aid agencies stating that numerous lives are at risk.  At al Sadaqa teaching hospital of Aden, Anissa Abdulmoniem toddles unsteadily into the ward. The clothes she wears hangs like tiny frame like sacks. However, it is not till the doctors examine her that you will notice how malnourished she is.

The medical staff says that she just weighs 10 kg which is the half of what she should actually weight at this age. The family of Anissa are one of the thousands of have escaped the fight in the Hodeida province. She has not eaten properly in 2 years. Dr Aida Hussein who is a hospital consultant says she hasn’t arrived when she did she might have already died.

With such malnutrition, they are suspected for sepsis and it likely that they are going to die. She says that all her ward is in the same condition and the guests from al Hodeida from the IDPs are same. One another ward the scene is pretty distressing. Premature babies that are only few days old are being helped so that they can breathe by the mothers. There is huge crisis in the hospitals across the country.

Again, civilians including children have been injured after the Houthi mortar attack on the neighborhoods of Hodeidah. Eye witness have stated that the Houthi attack have led to the destruction of many houses and the injury of many residents which include children.