Hodeidah’s Education Sector Garners UAE’s Support

January 29, 2019

After the insufferable fate Hodeidah faced during the Yemen war, the city is still getting used to humanitarian aid. Recently, the UAE’s Emirates Red Crescent played an important role in financing the educational sector in Hodeidah. The ERC collaborated with the Education Office in Ad Durayhimi District and helped in the launching of Tariq bin Zeyad Primary Secondary School in the district of Ad Durayhimi. This school along the Red Sea Coast will house at least 1000 students and help them pursue and continue their further education.

The Acting Director of the Education Office, in the district of Ad Durayhimi, Amin Mohammed Ibrahim Tabsi showed his appreciation to the UAE and thanked them for encouraging 60 teachers to educate the youth in Ad Shujairah. He further, acknowledged UAE’s role in assisting the Yemeni citizens to resume normal life after the horrendous 4-year long war.

Further, the ERC was also thanked by Ibrahim Lahji an elder in the district of Ad Durayhimi for aiding out humanitarian and necessary relief to the Hodeidah citizens post-war. Numerous teachers too expressed jovial happiness at the launch of the school. Now, more than 1000 children will be given the opportunity to resume their studies in peace once again.

Director of Humanitarian Affairs, at the ERC, further affirmed that he and his associates helped remodel the 2 story building to help the 1000 student’s enrolled. Further, the school is now equipped with an integrated solar energy system along with a radio to bringing global news to kids. Additionally, all kids will be offered a personal school kit including bags.

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