Houthi arrests dozens of Yemeni pharmacists for refusing to pay extra-taxes

October 29, 2019

Sources in Sanaa reported that the Houthi militias are arresting dozens of pharmacists and pharmacy workers as part of arbitrary campaigns to blackmail the people working in this sector in the governorates that are under houthis control.

A source in the Pharmacists Syndicate, and according to local media reports , the houthis militias arrested many of the owners of pharmacies, and took them to prisons under the pretext of violating the law of practicing the profession, and delay in paying taxes. The union confirmed that about 40 pharmacies have been closed during the past days by Houthi supervisors, because of the owners refused to pay extra taxes for houthis.

One of the released pharmacists said he had to pay bribes to Houthi supervisors for his release, adding that dozens of pharmacists were still being held in criminal investigation prisonsand Houthi-controlled police stations.

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