Houthi attack north of Dali stopped by security belt forces

September 13, 2019

The southern resistance forces and the security belt thwarted and stopped an attack of pro-Iranian Houthi militias on the fronts of Zubayriat and al-Ribi in the east and southeast of al-Fakhir area, north of Al-Dhala governorate

The outbreak of violent night confrontations started in the front Zubayriat, and expanded south towards the front of the Ribai up to the fronts of Hubaili al-Daba and Sha’ariBalghader in Hajar, the failed  infiltration resulted in the death and injury of most of the  Houthi militias operating the attack.

The militias attempted to infiltrate the western outskirts of Shokhb under heavy fire cover, but were spotted early and stopped directly, which doubled their casualties, leaving a number of weapons behind, before fleeing.

The confrontations used various types of heavy and light weapons, and targeted tanks and artillery of the southern resistance in the areas east of Oweish and southern Zubayriat

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