Houthi kidnaps four children and sends them to fight

June 29, 2019
Yemeni sources confirmed, the continuation of the militias Houthis in their campaigns to recruit and abduct children without the knowledge of their families, and send them to the fronts to fight.
The sources revealed the abduction of the Houthis, recently of four children from Haret al-Faqih, in the province of Amran in northern Yemen, and take them to the fighting fronts without the knowledge of their families.
The children were Bashar Hafiz Mansour Ja’il. The Houthi-backed by Iran militias has repeatedly violated children’s rights by kidnapping them for forced recruitment and putting them on the front lines.
The Yemeni Ministry of Education condemned earlier the continuation of Houthi militias in the recruitment children in all the provinces under their control and called on the international community and organizations working
on human rights and the protection of children to condemn these violations and pressure on the militias to stop the process of recruitment of children and Combat operations and to hold militias responsible for what children are exposed to on the battlefield.

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