Houthi Landmines Pose Long Lasting Threat to Yemen

December 7, 2018

Months of heavy confrontation between the Iran-backed Houthi rebels and pro-government combatants, had forced the Ghaleb family to flee their coastal village in Yemen’s western province of Taiz. The family was able to return back to their home when their province was freed of the Houthi rebels.


However, their dream and relief of staying in their own home became short-lived when a landmine placed by the Houthi rebels in their home exploded. The explosion wounded their seven-year old son, Abdullah. Abdullah was left with a compound fracture in one of his legs and one of his thumbs was ripped off due to the blast.


Civilians living along the Yemen’s western coast, south of the hotbed port of Hodeidah, are not only overwhelmed by war and hunger. Moreover, they now have to live with the threat of the landmines daily which has been implanted by the Houthi rebels.


The rebels have been charged by human rights group of widely using landmines in order to hamper the progress of pro-government forces. Human Rights Watch have stated that the Houthi forces have often placed improvised mines, anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines while they started to back off from areas in Taiz, Aden, Marib, and also along the Yemen’s western coast.

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