Houthi Leader Threatens To Destroy Hodeida

November 15, 2018

A tweet was sent by a profile allegedly belonging to Hassan Zaid, the leader of the Al Houthi rebels in Yemen. In the tweet, the extremist leader threatened to destroy the port city of Hodeidah.

The tweet was shared by a number of activists. In the tweet, the Houthi leader also claimed that he will deprive the people of Yemen from benefiting from the port unless the Houthis retain control over it. The port is critical to Yemen as most of the aid to the war-stricken nation flows through it. It is also pivotal for trade.

In the tweet, the leader claimed that the Yemeni government along with the Arab Coalition will have to rebuild the port from scratch if they somehow retained control over Hodeida. He also pointed out the fact that the legitimate Yemeni government will not be able to benefit from an operational port or even be capable of restoring its service.

Apart from the port, the Al Houthi leader also threatened to destroy all public and government buildings. He claimed that those buildings are not more valuable than the so-called sacrifices made by his group.

Despite the tweet, the actual ownership of the account could not be verified.

The Houthi rebels follow a policy of widespread destruction just before they flee a place. They consider Yemeni cities to be areas under their occupation. At the same time, they consider Yemenis to be hostile.